Sometimes MS is Yucky

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   "I LOVE the book. It's filled with love, honesty, humor, and hope."
Jackie Waldman, Author of "The Courage to Give" series.

  Sometimes MS is Yucky is a book for children ages 3-8 who have a parent or loved one with Multiple Sclerosis. It is written in developmentally appropriate text addressing two main goals: to validate feelings and to educate on basic MS symptoms. This book is a helpful tool for parents, caregivers, teachers, and counselors. It includes a "Parent Section" that gives suggestions on therapeutic activities for providing emotional support to kids dealing with MS in their young lives.

 Sometimes MS is Yucky ISBN: 1-59630-006-X   Sometimes MS is Yucky-(2005)Kimberly Harrold, Illustrated by Eric Whitfield. Colorful 32-page booklet for Children 3-8 who have a parent or loved one with Multiple Sclerosis. A helpful tool for parents, caregivers, teachers and counselors.   $12.95


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 Note from the author:

Dear Parents,
It is striking how helpless a parent can feel in the face of his child. When a person is touched by M.S., the entire family is greatly affected. Each person has their own tre-mendous perspective. It is important to acknowledge that even the little people in the family have their own big views and concerns regarding the illness. They also have their own needs. How these needs are met is crucial to the empowerment and healing of children. 
 My experience as a child life specialist has enabled me to see the challenges of families living lives with illness. Growing up with a mother who has Multiple Sclerosis, I have actually felt many of these challenges.
It is my hope and pleasure to share with you a bit of knowledge that may aid in guiding your child through this difficult time. Have faith in your ability as parent, teacher, and friend. You hold the power to light your child's way.
               Kim Harrold

About the Author:

The author, Kimberly Whitfield Harrold, was a young child when her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Scle-rosis. Her professional background has included working in the fields of child life, therapeutic recreation, and early childhood/ family education. She lives in central New York with her husband and 4 year old daughter.

About the Illustrator:
Kim's brother, Eric Whitfield (or "Icky" as he is still re-ferred to lovingly by his big sister), lives with his wife and baby twins in Central New York. 
Both of his parents are established artists. Eric carries on the   family tradition and has illustrated a number of chil-dren's books.
"Sometimes MS is Yucky"  is one example of his passion. 
In the words of the illustrator, "I hope you dig it".


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